About Me

My name is Chantelle Morgan. I a mother of 3 beautiful children that keep me on my toes and Revive Me Style is my Business.

Growing up I had my fair amount of struggles with being bullied and laughed at for being unable to read, write and spell properly, this knocked my confidence, self-esteem and left me feeling disheartened about my ability to made something for my life. I had unpleasant words thrown at me that I thought to be true until in challenging them.


While I was at college I was diagnosed with dyslexia this was the reason why I struggled with basic skills of reading and writing. from this point, I was able to receive the support to help me build and blossoming into a Level 3 Hairdresser. I did hairdressing for 12 years and over the years I've heard and spoken with my clients where they have opened up to me with their most personal problems.


I really enjoyed and loved being a hairdresser but I felt I can give more than styling their hair and make me feel amazing to know that I have helped someone in their lives one away or another.

I support women to increase their personal styling personalities of their individual unique body shape. You'll be able to express how you are through your clothing styles, patterns and colours palettes that compliment your skin tone, this is entwined with your inner self-confidence. 

 Our confidence over the years gets damaged by difficult challenges that come against that have had a big impact on our decision making in the past but wanting change for the future and don't know where to start in moving forward to the life that is desired.

You'll gain insight from another perceptive of the resources we have within inside ourselves to deal with situations effectively and allowing self-empowerment in your own abilities to do better, to take good care of yourselves and excel in multiple areas of our lives.

What I Do

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Contact Me

Telephone:- 07904783861

Email:- chantelle20@revivemestyle.com 

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