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Don’t Avoid Your Reflection, Look Her in the Eye and Smile

Imagine smiling when you see your own reflection, instead of frowning.

Often, we feel uncomfortable or down about ourselves – I want you to change that focus, to see things differently.

When you look in the mirror, instead of flaws you’ll see someone to love and feel proud of.


Your self-image is built through a lifetime of experiences – some good, some bad. When reaching into your wardrobe adds to that problem, leaving you stressed and uninspired, I can help.

Seeing yourself differently won’t come just through finding the colours which make your eyes shine, but this can make a huge difference. Finding styles, colours and clothes which suit, will help you feel more confident - and make dressing and shopping easier too!

But more than that, working with me, you’ll see that you can be proud of the person you already are.

Work with me to find a brighter, more positive you.
Work with me to Revive Your Style

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Telephone:- 07904783861

Email:- chantelle20@revivemestyle.com 

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