About Me


Hi, My Name is Chantelle Morgan

I am a mother of 3 beautiful children who keep me on my toes and Revive Me Style is my business. I’ve so much to be proud of.  But growing up, I had my fair share of struggles.


Being bullied and laughed at for being unable to read, write and spell knocked my confidence and self-esteem. I felt disheartened, concerned I might not achieve anything with my life. Hearing hurtful words from those around me, I believed they must be true.


While at college, I was diagnosed with dyslexia – now I knew why I’d always struggled with reading and writing. Now I was able to receive the support I needed.


With this help I was able to make better choices and blossomed, becoming a Level 3 Hairdresser. Working in hairdressing for over 12 years, I've been there for my clients – listening to their stories and supporting them as they opened up with their most personal problems.


Although I really enjoyed being a hairdresser, I felt I could give more to my clients and style coaching allows me to do just that.

How Can I Help You?

I help women understand their style personality and feel more comfortable and confident about their individual body shape. 


You'll express yourself through clothing styles which feel great and enhance your personality, using patterns and colours palettes that complement your skin tone and builds your self-confidence. 

Over time, our confidence gets damaged by challenges we face. Our history doesn’t only impact our past but also our future, we carry on making decisions with the negative impact this has made to our own self-worth. By working with me, you’ll gain a more positive perspective for your future.

Gaining insight from different perceptions of yourself – you’ll see your own resources and understand how to deal with situations more effectively. You’ll find self-empowerment, understanding your own abilities, taking better care of yourself and finding confidence across many areas of your life.

Work with me to find a brighter, more positive you.


Work with me to Revive Your Style