5 Wardrobes key Items

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Having key items in our wardrobes allows you to be in control of what you wear, when you want to wear them. These items will be used on a frequent basis as you can wear these items in different ways for different occasions.


A knee-length skirt is great it is an versatile enough to be a casual or work-friendly outfit that is appropriate for more of an formal settings. It's a win, win solution.


This dress is an universal flattering dress of all bodyshapes, a wrap dress looks good on everyone.  A pair of pumps with your dress for any occasion or dress it down with fashion sneakers.


The perfect knit sweater works with everything, with a pair of broken-in boyfriend jeans for the weekend or a pleated, feminine skirt for a night out.

If you find one you like,you should get one in every colour.


This betterp part of this is the prints and colours you can haven them in. A button-up shirt always strikes a great balance between looking casual and polished. You can wear it with jeans or a pencil skirt depending on where you need to be.


Jeans that never go out of style a dark pair of wash denim is perfect for dressing up or down. Skinny jeans are for every season and every bodyshapes

You can add to your wardrobe and not be afraid to dabble in new fashion trends and the lastest clothing styles for you that you will fall in love with!

Key items like these will support the role to your outfits having you sprinkle in each season.


Chantelle xXx

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