Are you impacted by being Insecure?

What is it:

This is when you don't feel confident and comfortable in who you are and what you do as an individual.

We can be insecure for so many different reasons, naming a few: experience of failure or rejecton, loneliness, past traumas, unpredictable events or having a critical parent, partner, boss or friends. All of these influences can and will over time shatter your self-esteem and make a big impact on your confidence.

When we experience something in the present we grab onto our old negative beliefs that has hit us in the past. We then begin to resurface thoughts of what had happened previously which triggers old habits so we question our self-worth.

These can impact your mental health as well as your psychical well-being as it makes us feel inadequate and begin to self-doubt ourselves and our ability as a person. That causes you to begin to think negatively about yourself which isn't necessarily true. But this never gets looked upon again until it controls our daily actions and mindset and impacts the decision making of your life choices.

Which isn't to late but it is time wasted in negative feeling. If this is you or know of someone who is feeling this way, you don't need to feel like this no more. Instead you can make some changes is the areas your not happy with and begin to have a life that you are happy and proud to have, feeling secure in who you are, where you are going in your future and altogether have inner freedom.

You deserve that life and more! So here are some tips and tools for you to use to overcome insecurity:

  1. Give yourself time to heal and adapt to the new normal

  2. Reach out to family and friends for distraction and comfort

  3. Get out and engage with life, follow your hobbies, interests and dreams

  4. Get positive feedback from people you trust

  5. Set some SMART Goals: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time

  6. Keep moving towards your goals

  7. Be willing to try a different positive strategy that helps you achieve your goals.

You will begin to see the difference within yourself in your body language, positive mindset, you'll will shift the way you look at your future.


Chantelle xXx

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