Back to Work - Postivie Thinking

The ups and downs of life that is out of your own control e.g the thought of going back to work is overwhelming and stressful because of so much uncertainty in the world right now due to the covid- 19.

We've not yet cleared 75% of the pandemic in England yet which is having our minds go wild especially if you haven't been out for the last few weeks and staying within the guildline of the government. Staying safe is a must in all areas of our lives, but you can shift your attitude and see it as a perfect time to practise pausing.

This is part of what acceptance commitment therapists call 'psychological flexibility'. The ability to relate with the present moment and to shape to it in a way that feels healthy and supports your cole values.

There are benefits of going back to work or starting a completely new career, as you will gain new knowledge that you can get to utilise within the workplace and maybe within your home too. Using the experience you have already gained, so you'll be able to show your skills and abilities everywhere you go.

  • You will be able to get full paid wage, instead of 80% furlong and universal credits that has kept you going so far.

  • Our mental wellbeing has been affected by us staying in our homes for 22-24 hours a day, within our four walls. So, seeing others outside your household members would make you feel better. Because of the different scenery, different people, smells and listening to different sounds.

  • Also the lack of exercise has an impact on your mental health as you haven't been walking or cycling to working and thats including transport methods too.

  • Not releasing happy endorphins from your body also isn't good for you. In the process of releasing amazing endorphins you will reduce stress and anxiety. Regulating your appetite and other hormones will help reduce your weight. Exercise can reduce the symptoms of depression which then will hopefully boost your self esteem and confidence, feeling positive and optimistic.

So, Where to start...

  1. Put out ready your clothes, makeup and hair essentials the night before you go to work.

  2. If you have children put their clothes and essentials out too, so it ease's the morning run.

  3. Set your alarm for a time that is earlier than you would usually set it for ( if you are someone that isn't a morning person) Also set one for 5 minutes later to help you get up.

  4. Take a bath/shower that night or in the morning. (Your preference)

To maximise your productivity throughout the day here are a few things you can try out and see how you get on!

  1. Rolling over to your phone in the morning or other screens are nothing more than destruction to productivity.. dont have your electrical tech at arms reach because it puts your mind out of gear.

  2. Hit the gym or do a home workout

  3. Mindfulness meditating settles you into a peaceful state of mind. Taking deep breaths will steady your body and mind, which improves our actions to get things done.

  4. Set your intentions for your day, this keeps you focused no matter what distractions come up.

  5. Read

  6. Write an affirmation list or book e.g. I am full of kindnes, I am strong, I am fearless, I am a woman who is confident. Saying and writing these to yourself will start to change the way you think and feel about yourself.

  7. Start writing a journal (if you can daily) How you feel? How your day has been? What you've done? What can you do to make it better next time (if it wasn't good day) when you write it down you are releasing it from your mind and body.

If you want to try and do one or all of these a day for 5 - 30 Minutes, it will improve your productivity and wellbeing. Only you know what works best for you but making a daily routine that improves your day and life. Why not try it?

Sometimes in life we just need to bite the bullet and go for it.

You got this, I believe in you 💗

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