Be your Long-Term Skills Builder

Developing your skills that will improve your life in so many areas, from personal day to day to a new career, so when we at looking at our skill set that we have all really gained so far, from school, previous work, life and environment experience. So we need to specific in what we want to gain or completely new skill set altogether Your life is made up by the actions of yourself and others around and there opinion about what you should do for your life.

Is there an area in your life right now that you are not hundred percent happy with?

This is a great opportunity to develop on you, your skills and what you want out of your life going forward.

Self-development will improve your mental health as a whole because you become better about yourself that you are learning something new.

There is many different reasons to why improving your skills will improve your life:-

The reasons could be that you want to:-

  • Improve relationships

  • Further your career

  • Change Career

  • Want to learn Self-Awareness and improve communication skill

  • Improve your mental health well-being

  • Keeping your mind active

  • Boost confidence in current job

  • Gain personal skills for yourself or to help family members

The benefits of gaining New Skills:-

  • You make connections between your skill area

  • Reduce boredom

  • Your brain chemistry changes and your learning speed

  • You can become a more interesting person to talk too

  • You become happier

  • You'll be able to solve problems and make decision effectively

  • Your self-esteem - will be improve as you will begin to like yourself more

  • Gain a stronger belief in yourself and confidence that you will overcome it

  • A sense of direction and find your purpose

Their is many more benefits that you will gain during the process of self development, so i do encourage it and is because of my own experiences I had studied become a hairdresser and then for my own personal development after bad break up. Once completed that i wanted a career change because i had change within me. Not other only that but i wanted more of a purpose in supporting people in different ways.

During my studies I did find it hard because I have dyslexia which made me struggle in my reading and write, spelling skills and understanding complex questions, this has improved amazingly and has improved a lot over the years.

It doesn't matter what life through's at you, you can make it through, with patience, perseverance, perspiration. life experiences grows us in great ways and it may not be seen in the present but you will see it afterwards or some times in my case with my dyslexia you have to grow with it.

Hope this has inspired you to grow within your life and dreams.....

Take Care


Chantelle Morgan xXx

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