Essential Make-up Hygine for You

Disposing of Make-up regularly and keeping them up to date, will reduce bacteria to the open pores on your skin that cause bad breakouts. A good indicator that the make-up that is past the use-by date is when may it is not easy to apply to your skin.

just like a wardrobe need de_cluttering regularly to get the best value of the product for your skin. it is essential to follow stringent hygiene practices, by always sanitizing, clean and wipe all the mak-up tools and products down before and after use.

here is an idea that you can use to improve hygiene and keeping skin healthy is by using disposable mascara wands, individuals sponges. cotton pads and powder puffs, you could use a spatula to scoop or scrape the product from the original containers, you could drip directly into liquid, gel or cream foundation formulas.

Keep in mind that with every make-up application you should cleanse, tone and moisturize twice a day to remove excess make-up, dirt and oil from your pores. Your face will feel fresh after this...

Here are some essentials and tips for everyday use and hygiene:

  • Mascaras should be replaced every 3 months at least. Keep disposable wands in your make kit for application, if you someone else wants to use your mascara in case of cross-contamination (eye infections) - never double dip the wand either for the same reason. If you don't like to dispose of the brushes of your favourite mascaras that is fine but make sure you clean them thoroughly and sanitize them.

  • Lipsticks should last about a year if you store them correctly. if you use directly from the bullet, sanitize the lipstick with isopropyl alcohol of 90% or greater and remove the top layer by wiping with a tissue. You can use a spatula to place lipstick or gloss on a palette and apply with a lip brush.

  • Foundation and concealer have a shelf line of about a year. if foundations a pump, then it will last longer, but if you are dabbing your fingers into the bottle you should be discarding your foundation every six months.

  • Make-up pencils should be replaced about once a year. A spritz of alcohol and sharpening in between applications. Don't forget to clean your shaperener each time too.

  • Keep brush in a jar with bristles up and out - clean regularly with brush cleaner to keep fresh and free from germs

  • Powder should be replace about once a year. Comsmetic sanitizer mst helps remove bacteia and keeps your products look like brand new, you can remove the top layer with a tissue will help germ to be at bay.

  • Tweezers, Lash Curlers and Scissors use isoproply alcohol of 90% or higher to sanitize any of your tool to remove any bacteria that can cause cross-comtamination to other for people who may use your tools also and make sure the alcohol has evaporated before using the tools.

Make-up enhances your unique beauty to look beaufifuller and to feel confident, with using the basic hygiene tips you will a lot more confident because you will know that your make-up product are clean and fresh, up-to date and having healthy hygene routine.

Hope you enjoyed and can apply these tips to get the most out of your make-up prouducts.

Love Chantelle xXx

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