Identify your Body Shape

You are all beautifully unique regardless of what body shape, weight, size, hight you are..

Over the years the body change because it has been though a lot such as weight loss or gain, pregnancy, menopauase and age. There is no two bodies that are the exact same body shape, this is why there is simply and basic categories that your body shape will fall under.

Making changes to your bodyshape is brilliant and is a feel good factor but them mean thing is to accpect your body shape and love this skin your are in.

Once you have accpected and believe in yourself that you are great for who you really are, you will become confident and feel good about yourself.

This goes along with your body posture and laugnage, confidence levels as a whole.

By focusing on the positive features of your body you will allow the battles you may face when looking in the mirror or shopping to stop and you'll be to set goals around your body-shape, appearance, body-image that will be acheival and exciting but also it will motivate you too.

Be establishing your body shape:

  • You will increase your body confidence and posture

  • You will have a equal proportion balance

  • You gather where to draw attention to your good body features

  • You can minimize the less positive body features

  • You we begin to understand and learn your own sense of style

Over all you will Gain a Boost in your Confidence, Self-Esteem and Look and Feel Amazing and Shopping will be an enjoyable expierance.

Which body are you?

The Round Body-Shape:

  • Balance shoulder and hips & no definition at the waist

  • A generous bust & round shoulder

  • Carries weight around the tummy and upper body

  • Legs are shapely

The Rectangle Body-Shape:

  • Bust, waist and hips are similar the same measurements

  • Quite a straight look

  • Very little waist definition

  • Straighter shoulder line

The Triangle Body-Shape:

  • Short waist usaully

  • Narrower at the shoulders then the hips

  • Take larger size at the bottom half then top half

  • Fuller hips, bottom, and thighs

The Hourglass Body-Shape:

  • A shorter waist

  • Average bust

  • Clear Defined waist & is curvaceous

  • Wear brought the same on the top as the bottom

  • Shoulder and hips are a similar measurements

The In-Verted Body-Shape:

  • Broader Shoulders than hips

  • Little definition between waist and hips

  • Smaller bottom half then the top half

  • A generous bust

It dont matter what body shape you have because you are beautiful, embrace your body and love the features you do love. This will help to boot your confidence..


Chantelle xXx

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