Take Dominion Over Your Mind

Watch what you're eating!

Watch what you're feeding your mind!

As someone who has experienced mental health through out my life and the affects it has on our lives in many different ways. Mental health will be seen for many years to come due to the lock down period we are facing at this present moment. Not being able to see family members, friends, support worker, health care professionals, go gym or even a walk that was longer than an hour. Most daily activities have still been put on hold till we are in the all clear from COVID.

In these current circumstances we find ourselves thinking negatively, speaking negatively which then we act negatively. This is down to what we allow into our thoughts and convince ourselves of what we can do in our lifes, so we begin to think there is no hope and not going to cope.

We have the ability to watch our thoughts, this situation might have lead to trauma for example: someone has passed, bad relationship break-up or a loss of a job etc. These traumas can become overwhelming and become too much for us. We can begin to doubt ourselves and others in our mind. Fear and anxiety is what creeps in to the mind and stop us in our tracks of moving forward and stepping out the door.

When were facing something traumatic in our lives we revert back into old habits and step into what we always have known to keep us safe, not realising that in fact its making us worse. The need to get over the hurdle is required to move to the destination we want but most times we give up before we've even started because of fear, anxiety is too hard and maybe unsure what we are doing.

If we feed our mind with Negative thinking, everything we do will be what we was thinking, so then our results will be a negative one...

What you don't realise is that we are conquers and we can take victory over the negative mindset and we can research our destinations that we want in our lifes.

Our mind is made up with thoughts, wills and emotions. Positive thoughts cause positive action. We determine our futures!😊

Life will always throw all sorts of things at us no matter how or what we do right or wrong, its just life and we can not control that but we can control how we respond to the situation.

If you're facing something now or come against something in the future we can get through it with positive thoughts and take the rains but it destroys you.

Looking at the situation:

  • Where do you see yourself in the situation?

  • Where and what is the situation?

  • How am I going to deal with it?

  • What steps can I take in moving forward?

No matter what we will always get negative thoughts that will come into our minds but don't loss hope in what's positive, meditate and take time and consider before making a decision.

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