What makes you smile...

What are the benefits of smiling..

When you smile it's sends more oxygen to your brain and produce happy endorphins that a have a lasting effect. People are naturally drawn to you by your smile and is contagious in where other people are more likely to smile at you back. You are less likely to be so stressed about the simplest of things because you have a positive happy out look on everything and this reduces your blood pressure because you are less stressed. You tend to be more effectiveat work, happy to work, colleagues are at eases at work.

People who smile appear to be more confident and are approachable to talk to, with a smile it is warming and welcoming to others.

Why don't you have a try. Take a couple of minutes and check some of these out.... Smile at someone and see if that smile back at you and then see how that has mades you feel...

Smiling benefits your life for the better, so why don't you make that little change and you will reap the benefits.

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