You are Created to Love

Have you ever gone through something in your life that made you question whether you could love again. Maybe it was a bad divorce or break-up. Perhaps a sibling or parent hurt you to the point that you become scared to love. We have all encountered some pain in our relationships. I recall a few years ago, questioning whether I could love again after a bad break up with my children's dads. We become third-time parents at the same time and didn't it end well.

Through the season of not wanting to love anyone, I only had enough for my few month old baby girl and my two boys but I know deep down something was telling to continue to love others and not to resent everyone for one man's mistakes.

Loving does not mean that you have to pretending to be romantic towards everyone, it meant to have actions of love towards others, such as saying good morning when your walking the children to school or asking someone how there day was when you see them. Its meant being patient with how I was feeling and reconnecting with them by considering their feelings.

Love is choosing actions of kindness, patience, and selflessness.

It was once said we should love others as we love ourselves.

  • Love has the power to transform.

  • It heals our hearts and allows us to forgive others when they have hurt us.

Also someone once said to me, that we gain nothing without love. It does not matter how much knowledge you have or money you give, if you do not have love, you are nothing but noise. You are able to manifest it to others, but even when we choose to love, we will go though pain from now and then. Regardless of what you have experienced, or will experience, understand that you were created by and for love.

Love is the answer!


Chantelle xx

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