Rejuvenate your Confidence 
Find Strength in Your Style


·     A 5 Month Program

·     One to One Coaching

·     Focused Confidence Building


This program is focused on building your confidence, helping you move towards the life you desire.


We’ll explore your self-belief and where you feel your confidence is lacking, finding insight to where you are and where you want to be. Together we’ll look at your lifestyle - including relationships, environment, work and home – then we’ll break these down to help pinpoint your true feelings and where they come from.


We’ll work through:

·     Identifying your mindset habits and patterns, your core values.

·     Showing you how to use your own power to change your self-image.

·     Reframing how you see, feel and talk to yourself.

·     Learning to love who you are including your body shape.

·     Saying goodbye to limiting beliefs which hold you back from the future you desire.

·     Learning how to achieve your goals through building momentum and persevering.

·     Understanding the value of personal self-care and grooming.

·     Recognising how your appearance can make you feel and what that means to you.


Working through these topics you’ll get a better understanding of the lifestyle you wish to lead, and I’ll be with you every step of the way.


Investment: £550.00

Work with me to find a brighter, more positive you.
Work with me to Revive Your Style