Tailored Virtual Styling


This is personal styling that is tailored around your body shape and colour palettes that compliment your skin tone, combining all together in outfits for you. 
That makes you feel amazing and confident in your body.

Our meeting will be on Zoom and consist of 5 sessions and lasting around 60 minutes. The last session will be split into two 30 minute sessions. 

We will be looking at your wardrobe and how it best suits you and your lifestyle. From, what you have in your wardrobe and what you don't have, to what you need in your wardrobe and how you can declutter some items but also keep key items you already have in your wardrobe.

When creating the outfits we desire we have to dive into different areas of our image and lifestyle that empowers us as an individual and that gives us insight into our styling processes. We all have different colour "Season" and "WOW Colours" that enhance our body-shapes. I will require a photo of your face, hair out and down with little or no make upon. Also, a full-body photoshoot.

Which this brings us to the topic your clothing styles of what your preferences are your likes, dislikes and identify your personality styles. We'll discuss your budgets plan to keep you not overspending. 

You will receive online links to clothes stores that you will be able to purchase in your own time.

You'll also receive your Own Style Development eBook where you'll see how far you have come in your style journey 

A discussion will be had of the time frame of your Own Style Development eBook we be confirmed toward the fourth session.

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Contact Me

Telephone:- 07904783861

Email:- chantelle20@revivemestyle.com 

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