Before I started the 4-month programme. I was in a really bad place in my life, I was stuck in a rut,  emotionally, physically and how I saw my self. My past fears and extra baggage of my life experience was holding me back to where I had low self-confidence and made everyday obstacles even harder.


Since doing work on confidence and changing the way I look and think about things - like new starts, people, shopping -  was one of my big fears as I would have no clue how to dress’s for my body shape and what colour to choose for my skin tone. So I always wore black leggings and a baggy top.

Now I love going shopping, its more fun and enjoyable. You gave me my confidence back with help knowing how to put outfits together for my body shape. Giving me the tools for a fresh start in my life, it has really helped me. As a busy single, working mum I have so much confidence in who I am.

Thank you for bringing the inner me out. Thank you



I received an invite to Revive Me Style Workshop given by Chantelle back in February 2020.

I was very warmly welcome by and took my seat with the other ladies who were very friendly, which made for a relaxed atmosphere. 

Chantelle started the workshop welcoming us all and explained what she would be doing and how. Chantelle helped us to work out body shape we were, which colours would compliment our skin complexion etc. There was a lot of interaction in this session, Chantelle knowledge and confidence shone through, which was very catching!!

it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I came away with the confidence in knowing I could go shopping without the dread I normally have as I always seem to choose the wrong shape, wrong colour and wrong fabric.

I have a wedding to attend soon and I'm looking forward to going shopping for my outfit!!

I would totally recommend attending a workshop or booking Chantelle for a one to one appointment.

Thank You, Kim

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