Total Transformation
  • An 8 Month Program

  • Intakes Twice Yearly

  • Monthly Group Meeting

  • 1 One to One Session a Month 

We’ll transform the way you look and feel about yourself, from the clothes you wear to your innermost self-beliefs. We’ll consider those clothes which make you feel absolutely amazing and those which give you comfort, whether you’re relaxing at home or out having fun.


Together we will build your confidence, increasing your happiness throughout your life.

We’ll Do This Together

Looking at the core areas which impact your confidence, we will find - and make - changes which positively impact your lifestyle.

With renewed confidence, you’ll get the most out of your life by doing what you love best.


Together, we’ll work through:

·     Identifying your mindset habits, the core values which affect you every day.

·     Reframing how you see, feel and talk to yourself. We’ll have fun learning to love the person you really are, with a focus on your      

      body shape and those beliefs you have about it which hold you back from the future you want.

·     Learning how to achieve your goals, being consistent and building momentum to make the changes you desire.

·     The importance of personal self-care and your appearance to your body image.


Looking at the importance of personal self-care and appearance, we’ll consider their impact and focus on how you can begin to love yourself again. Whatever the body shape you have now, you’ll understand what clothes enhance that shape making you feel - and look – great.


You’ll find out more about styling, including:

·     Identifying what body shape you are.

·     Identifying your ‘Season’ and the ‘Wow’ colours that complement your skin tone.

·     Exploring who you are through the style of your clothes and how they reflect your personality.

·     Finding and wearing clothes which you feel confident – and look amazing – in.

·     Wardrobe decluttering - getting rid of old, outdated clothes and reviving your wardrobe with new key items.

·     Personal shopping together, support when shopping to pick clothes which will enhance your body shape.


By the end of our time together you'll feel empowered; confident in who you are, what you love, where you want to go in your future and how you are going to get there. Changing your perspective, you'll find joy in your life again.


Investment: £ 1,000

Work with me to find a brighter, more positive you.
Work with me to Revive Your Style