Wardrobe De-Clutter

Virtual - £160.00

In-person - £200.00

Our Wardrobes are the centre of our dressing world, this is the place we go to first each morning to find that specific outfit in your mind. Each wardrobe tells a unique story about us. 

We want a wardrobe that is easier to see the entire content of our wardrobe, easier to choose an outfit and more enjoyable in creating our look, having a wardrobe that is organized and neatly stored allows your day to run more smoothly and takes off the added pressure. 

Dressing our selves is a skill that we learn and develop, understanding clothes, fabric, colours and accessories and how they all come together to create our overall image.


A wardrobe that is well-organized " A Working" wardrobe tailored to you. You want a wardrobe that makes your life easier, that helps you to feel confident and happy, calm/Relaxed. Clothes are our outer skin, so we need to look after them and they will look after ourselves. 

Wardrobe De-Clutter is a fun and enjoyable process and allows you to be excited to buy new key items for your wardrobe. The mornings will be quick and easily accessible to find the desired clothes you want to wear for that day.

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Telephone:- 07904783861

Email:- chantelle20@revivemestyle.com 

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