Wardrobe De-Clutter

Making Space to Find Yourself

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  • One to One Session

  • In Person or Online

  • Personal Style Guidance


Your wardrobe is the centre of your dressing world, one of your first stops each morning is to find the outfit which will set up your day. Each wardrobe tells a unique story about us.


The perfect wardrobe is easy to explore, the entire contents there before our eyes making it easy to choose an outfit and enjoyable to create our look. Having an organised wardrobe, with items neatly stored, starts your more smoothly, removing potential stresses. 


Whether you’ve thought about it or not, dressing is a skill we learn and develop. Over our lifetime we should come to understand our clothes, their fabric, colours and accessories, seeing how those pieces come together to create our overall image. In this session, I can help you gain that understanding.


You want a wardrobe that is well-organized, a "Working" wardrobe tailored to you. You want a wardrobe that makes your life easier, helping you to feel confident and happy, starting your day calm and relaxed.


Our clothes are our outer skin; if we look after them, we are looking after ourselves. 

A Wardrobe Declutter with me will be a fun and enjoyable process, you’ll be excited to discover misplaced favourites and be given the opportunity to buy new key items for complete your collection. Your mornings will become painless, with quick and easy access to the clothes you’ve pictured for that day.

Investment: £200.00

Work with me to find a brighter, more positive you.

Work with me to Revive Your Style